The Truth Behind Song "Eyes on ME" FFVIII

Lagu ini diciptakan oleh Julia (ibunya Rinoa)...
Cerita ini terjadi sebelum Laguna bertemu wanita yg bakal menjadi istrinya (Raine), dan Julia juga belum bertemu orang yg bakal menjadi suaminya (Caraway)...jadi status mereka saat itu masih single....

Sebelum itu coba perhatikan Lirik lagu

Eyes On Me

Whenever sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar

My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you

*Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer

So let me come to you
Close as I wanted to be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
And stay there as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you

Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough
Your tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is
How can I let you know
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach me out then
You will know that you're not dreaming



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (ファイナルファンタジークリスタルクロニクル クリスタルベアラー?) is an action-adventure game for the Wii. First announced to the public at E3 in May 2006, the story revolves around an established hero character named Layle.[4] The game was released on November 12, 2009, in Japan and on December 26, 2009, in North America.


Like its GameCube predecessor, Crystal Bearers will feature fully real-time combat. Enemies and regular civilians apparently will be able to show emotion or status effects via symbols hanging over their heads, such as hearts for attraction or musical notes for satisfaction. The producers have suggested that enemies do not necessarily grow stronger as the game progresses, but that they gain a wider variety of tactics and abilities instead. It has also been shown that some enemies have the ability to hurt fellow creatures also opposing the player. This is part of a reaction AI system, in which different creatures react in unique ways to other creatures nearby and to the player's attacks.

Telekinetic abilities will feature heavily in the game. The player will be able to perform different combat actions via telekinesis, including moving certain enemies against their will and utilizing various objects as telekinetic projectiles. The player will also be able to perform some type of reaction element with creatures that will affect them in different manners, though details of this are currently limited to video glances.

To further the telekinetic gameplay, the player will be able to utilize his abilities to interact with the environment, such as to activate switches or even grab onto ledges from a distance via an energy-based grappling hook; furthermore, he will even be able to perform such actions as moving civilians against their will. Some civilians also share a trait with enemies in that they will be able to knock the player away with force.

Based on the most recent video trailers and the general setting of the game, fighting in the sky might also be a feature of the gameplay, though this is unconfirmed. Quicktime events will also appear throughout the game, forcing the player to take necessary actions with the controller during certain events, such as aiming the remote and shooting demons while falling through the sky. It's been commented that while most of these events are for mere enjoyment, some must be completed in order to advance the story. Other gameplay aspects as hinted at by the trailers include participating in minigames, traversing the land on chocobos (which can ram through enemies and some background objects and also what appears to be chocobo racing), riding on trains, and swimming.


A thousand years have passed since the events of the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The destruction of the Yuke Crystal during the Great War, with the Yuke Tribe suffering apparent annihilation, had at last brought the victorious Lilties dominion over the world as they bring it into a new age of science and reason through Crystal Reactors with the use of magic outlawed and rule over the Clavats and few Selkies who comply to the new order. In this new era of imbalance exists a rare breed of powerful beings called "Crystal Bearers", whose seemingly magical abilities have led them to be feared and scorned by the public. The young mercenary Layle is one such Crystal Bearer, who has been hired to escort the new passenger airship Alexis, the pinnacle of Lilty technology and a symbol of their current dominance. However, when the Alexis is suddenly besieged by a horde of monsters, Layle comes face to face with a mysterious Yuke named Amidatelion who takes the Alexis' crystal shards, forcing Layle to land the thing with his powers. Soon after, getting caught up with Belle, a Selkie wanted by the Lilties for taking pictures while on the Alexis, Layle becomes a wanted man as his impulse to settle things with Amidatelion get him on a quest which uncovers a conspiracy in the Lilty Kingdom that may threaten the future of the world.


* Layle (レイル, Reiru?): A Clavat and the protagonist of the story, voiced by Makoto Yasumura in the Japanese version and Darrel Guilbeau in the English. He is already an established hero by the game's beginning. One of the eponymous Crystal Bearers, his crystal, which is located on his right cheek, gives him control of a strange gravity-based power.
* Belle (ベル, Beru?): A dark brown-haired female Selkie who is always with a camera. Though claiming herself to be a photographer, she finds and exchanges information for her own benefit. She stows away on the Alexis's maiden voyage and encounters sensitive information that lands a bounty on her head by Jegran, deciding to travel with Layle to make a fortune off him. However, she remains defiant and continues to pursue her next big story. Voiced by Chiaki Takahashi in the Japanese version and Elle Deets in the English.
* Keiss (クァイス, Kaisu?): A red-haired male Selkie who is Layle's partner and has his own agenda. Unlike other Selkies, Keiss devotes himself to the Lilty kingdom, working directly under Jegran to raise up the ladder until he became a colonel in the Lilty military. Voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama in the Japanese version and David Vincent (actor) in the English version.
* Amidatelion (アミダテリオン, Amidaterion?): A lavishly decorated Yuke who, as well as being another Crystal Bearer and last of his race, first appears to be the game's primary antagonist and nicknamed "Goldenrod" by Layle. He appears to also possess the ability to bend space and conjure summons like Bahamut. His goal is the revival of his race through the Crystal Idols to retore the Yuke Tribe's crystal. But soon after, Amidatelion gains Layle's aid in restoring the Crystal Principle to save the world. Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the Japanese version and Caitlin Glass in the English version.
* Althea Sol Alfiraria (アルテア, Arutea?): A Lilty with spectacles who is the princess of the Liltian Kingdom, having a crystal idol on her person. Her mother died while she was still young, and her father is crystalized, causing there to be a power vacuum which she is trying to contain it while attempting to find a means to cure her father. Voiced by Noriko Shitaya in the Japanese version and Carrie Savage in the English version.
* High Commander Jegran (ジュグラン, Juguran?): The megalomanical captain of the Liltian guard and the game's villian, attempting to take over the Lilty kingdom by turning it into a military state. The armor over his right forearm conceals his power as a Crystal Bearer to turn whoever he touches in the crystal. Voiced by Ryuzaburo Otomo in the Japanese version and Michael McConnohie in the English version.
* Cid (シド, Shido?): Former engineer of the Liltian Kingdom who has a certain interest in Crystal Bearers, working as a tinker in Bridge Town. Voiced by Shinichi Kotani in the Japanese version and Doug Stone in the English version.
* Vaigali (バイガリ, Bigari?): Leader of Selkie Guild, that sells information for the highest bidder, he has a grudge against Lilties and hates turncoats like Keiss even more. However, Vaigali makes an expection in the case of Cid whom he aids as patron. Voiced by Naomi Kuzumi in the Japanese version and Joe DiMussi in the English version.
* Blaze: A Clavat Crystal Bearer with pyrokinetic powers and formerly Layle's "worst partner ever", teaching Layle the ropes of a Crystal Bearer in the past. Though he makes a first minor appearences, after being taken into custody, Blaze is hired by Jegran to find Belle and silence her, tracking her down to the Rivelgauge Monastery where he confronts Layle and is defeated by him. Blaze is later killed off by Jegran after he had no more need of him. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer in the English version.


FFXIII "Kimi ga iru kara" by Sugawara Sayuri lyric

FFXIII "Kimi ga iru kara" by Sugawara Sayuri lyric
Kimi Ga Iru Kara
Theme Song for Final Fantasy XIII
Vocal: Sugawara Sayuri
Lyrics: Sugawara Sayuri / Nakajima Yukino
Music: Masashi Hamauzu
Arrangement: Sin

Romaji by Spira / Clarencedesu

Naitatte iindayo kimi ga fuini souitte kureta kara
Nandaka ureshikute namida jyanaku egao ga koboreta
Bukiyou sugiru kotobade kimi wo kizutsukete shimatta
Soredemo hanaretari shinaide ima mo koushite sasaeni natte kureterunda

Kanaetai negai kanaetai yume
Todoketai omoisubete
Shinji tsuzukeru kotoga kiseki wo yonde
Mirai ni tsunagatte yuku yo
Zutto ne zutto mimamotte ite hoshii
Dear my friend

Kiminara daijyoubu dayo wakare kiwani sou itte kureta kara
Kanjiteta kodokuga sono hitokotode kirei ni nakunatta
Atarashii tobira wo kiraku sore wa daredemo kowakute fuan darake dakedo
Senaka wo oshite kureta kimi wo omoidaseba chikara ga afurete kurukara ne

Sunaona kimochi yuzurenai mono
Shoujikina kotoba subete
Koe nishite tsutaeru kotoga dekita nara mirai wa hirogatte yukuyo
itsumo sou itsumo kokoroni kimiga iru kara
Dear My Friend


Tachi domattemo wasure souni nattemo
Nandomo nandodemo maewo muite yuku tochikauyo
Miageta sora hikari ga sashikondeiru
Kimini mata aeru hi made

Sunaona kimochi yuzurenai mono
Shoujikina kotoba subete
Koe nishite tsutaeru kotoga dekita nara mirai wa hirogatte yukuyo
Negai kanaetai yume
Todoketai omoisubete
Shinji tsuzukeru kotoga kiseki wo yonde
Mirai ni tsunagatte yuku yo
Zutto ne zutto mimamotte ite hoshii
Dear my friend



Vocals: Emiko Shiratori

Alone for a while I’ve been searching through the dark
For traces of the love you left inside my lonely heart
To weave by picking up the pieces that remain
Melodies of life–love’s lost refrain

Our paths they did cross, though I cannot say just why
We met, we laughed, we held on fast, and then we said goodbye
And who’ll hear the echoes of stories never told?
Let them ring out loud till they unfold
In my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me
Though you’re gone, I still believe that you can call out my name

* A voice from the past, joining yours and mine
Adding up the layers of harmony
And so it goes, on and on
Melodies of life,
To the sky beyond the flying birds–forever and beyond

So far and away, see the bird as it flies by
Gliding through the shadows of the clouds up in the sky
I’ve laid my memories and dreams upon those wings
Leave them now and see what tomorrow brings

In your dearest memories, do you remember loving me?
Was it fate that brought us close and now leaves me behind?

* Repeat

If I should leave this lonely world behind
Your voice will still remember our melody
Now I know we’ll carry on
Melodies of life
Come circle round and grow deep in our hearts
As long as we remember


Final Fantasy Tactics (ファイナルファンタジータクティクス?)

Final Fantasy Tactics (ファイナルファンタジータクティクス?) is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Sony PlayStation video game console. It was released in Japan in June 1997 and in the United States in January 1998. The game combines thematic elements of the Final Fantasy video game series with a game engine and battle system unlike those previously seen in the franchise. In contrast to other 32-bit era Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Tactics uses a 3D, isometric, rotatable playing field, with bitmap sprite characters.[1]

The game is set in a fictional kingdom called Ivalice, which has just ended its war with the neighboring kingdom of Ordalia. The story follows Ramza Beoulve, a young cadet who finds himself thrust into the middle of a conflict, where two noble factions are coveting the throne of the kingdom.[2] While the war was caused by a conflict of succession, Ramza was exposed to a plot that involved the kingdom's dominant religious organization.

A spin-off was created in 2003, called Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (itself having a sequel called Final Fantasy Tactics A2), and in 2006, a stand-alone title called Final Fantasy XII was released for the Sony PlayStation 2. All three games take place in the fictional land of Ivalice. An enhanced remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, was also released in 2007 as part of Square Enix's new Ivalice Alliance project.[3] Overall, the game received positive reviews from gaming magazines and websites.

Final Fantasy Tactics begins with Ivalice just recovering from the Fifty Year War against Ordalia.[20] The power vacuum caused by the death of its ruler, King Omdoria, soon sparked another conflict. Princess Ovelia and the younger Prince Orinas are both candidates to the throne, with the former supported by Prince Goltana of the Black Lion,[21] and the latter by Queen Ruvelia and her brother, Prince Larg of the White Lion.[22] This erupted into a full-scale war known as the "Lion War", with either side using whatever means possible to secure their place in the throne. This included bearing an illegitimate child,[23] killing other possible heirs,[24] betrayal,[25] assassination[26] and false identities.[27]

Throughout the game, nobles regard commoners and peasants as animals,[28] and many commoners try to take revenge on the nobles, who abandoned them after the war.[29] Most joined the so-called Death Corps to fight against the nobles' soldiers, and many died in vain.[30] Ramza, part of the noble Beoulve family of knights, and Delita, his childhood friend who was an ordinary commoner, were witnesses to this phenomenon. Events such as meeting an arrogant noble named Algus, as well as the negligent killing of Delita's sister Teta during an uprising, caused Delita and Ramza to abandon the nobility, both going separate ways.[31]

Ramza joins a mercenary group,[32] led by Gafgarion, who protects Princess Ovelia from being hunted by both sides. Delita has joined Prince Goltana's forces to rise up through the ranks and gain control over his own destiny.[33] Ramza and Delita are reunited when Gafgarion attempts to take Ovelia to Prince Larg, though this was futile. Agrias suggests visiting Cardinal Draclau of the Glabados Church to protect Ovelia, while Delita continues to work in the shadows, working with multiple sides to realize his ambition.[34] Along the way to Lionel Castle, Ramza meets Mustadio, a machinist in possession of a holy relic called the Zodiac Stone. Hunted by a trading company for the power it contains,[35] Mustadio also seeks Draclau's intervention.

However, soon after the encounter with Cardinal Draclau, Ramza discovers that an elaborate plot was set by the Murond Glabados Church. In their desire to control Ivalice, the Church, particularly the High Priest Marge Funeral, uses the legend of the so-called holy Zodiac Braves to gather the Zodiac Stones,[36] and fuels the Lion War between Larg and Goltana.[37] To stave off Ramza's interference, Draclau uses the stone to transform into a legendary Lucavi demon,[38] and Ramza has no choice but to slay him/it. As a result, Ramza is regarded a heretic of the Church, and he is approached by the Heretic Examiner Zalmo at Lesalia Imperial Capital.[39]

While noble in name, the Beoulve family is susceptible to corruption, due to ambition. Dycedarg, the eldest sibling, conspires with Larg and the Church to ensure that the Beoulve family remains in power. However, his younger brother Zalbag is unaware of his dealings.[40] Alma, Ramza's younger sister, remains in church, unaffected by the situation until Ramza is branded a heretic in front of her.[41] Ramza seeks to rescue her after her capture while helping him escape the Heresy Examiners. Only Ramza and Alma share their father's sense of justice.

Ramza is chased throughout the story by the Shrine Knights, the soldiers of the Church who are hunting the Zodiac Stones, although he gains allies, either by saving their lives,[42] or by showing them the truth.[43] Some individuals with knowledge of the Zodiac Stones attempt to conspire with the Shrine Knights for its power, though most fail.[44][45] Ramza also acquires proof of the Church's lies about Saint Ajora, a central figure in the religion,[46] and attempts to use it along with the Zodiac Stone to reveal the organization's plot.[47]

In the course of the story, the two sides face off in a major battle that sees the deaths of many soldiers, including their leaders Larg and Goltana. Delita, being used by the church, betrays and assassinates Goltana, meanwhile on the other side, Dycedarg assassinates Larg. Ramza manages to stop the bloodshed from continuing and rescues the general Cidolfas Orlandu, though the Church succeeds in eliminating the two Lions to secure its power over Ivalice. Deeper into the story, Ramza discovers that the Shrine Knights are in reality Lucavi, and the real conspirators behind the Church's plot.[48] The Lucavi are seeking to resurrect their leader Altima, who in the past was Saint Ajora, and they need much bloodshed and a suitable body to complete the resurrection. Alma is to serve as the host for Altima's incarnation.[49][50] Ramza races off to rescue her, witnesses Zalbag confronting Dycedarg about his crimes to their family, and both encounter Dycedarg's evil side. Zalbag apologizes to Ramza for mistrusting him, but it is too late. Dycedarg transforms into a Lucavi demon, and Ramza witnesses Zalbag's death.

At the end of the story, though Altima is successfully resurrected, Ramza and his allies succeed in destroying her. Their final fates are unknown. Delita marries Ovelia and becomes the King of Ivalice.[51] However, he fails to find true satisfaction as even Ovelia distrusts him, leading her to stab Delita, apparently resulting in Delita's death shortly after the end of the story. Ovelia in turn is stabbed by Delita and dies.[52] Olan Durai, a witness who had many encounters with Ramza (and is unsure as to whether his glimpse of a living and well Ramza and Alma after the game's final battle is a hallucination or not), attempts to reveal the Church's evil plot with the "Durai Report." However, his papers are confiscated and he is burned at the stake for heresy.[53] The story ends many years later with the historian Alazlam J. Durai intent on revealing the truth of the Lion War and the Durai Report.